IRON MAN #15-17 (1999)

Remember how Tony Stark was dying due to his armor? Well, forget all that. These issues transition writing duties from Kurt Busiek to Roger Stern, and Stern doesn’t want to write about that. So, it’s gone.

Iron Man tests out some new armor in a battle against Nitro.

That was fun. I always love me some Nitro. But even more fun…

Is Fin Fang Foom.

He takes over the body of a kid in Chinatown and gradually emerges as the giant dragon we all know and love.

We learn in this issue that Foom has the ability to shrink and submerge into the Earth, and just lay there for as long as he wants until he decides to come out again.

It’s a fun story.

Issue #15 bleeds into #16, and then #16 directly goes into #17. These issues have Busiek as a coplotter with scripting by Roger Stern. He’ll stay on the book for a while, with Busiek signing on as a frequent coplotter.

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