Christmas with Wolverine

1 thought on “Christmas with Wolverine”

  1. “Christmas with Wolverine”? That’s a contradiction in terms! Wolverine’s a total atheist!! Remember what he told Marvel Girl in ‘Uncanny X-Men’#98-?? “I ain’t got no use fer Christmas, Miss Grey.” He MEANS it!! In issue#159, he pulls a cross on Dracula, who promptly proceeds to shove it up his ass, because the cross is totally ineffectual against vampires if the wielder doesn’t believe in God! I think Kitty’s Star of David was slightly more effective- I’ll have to research that one, because I haven’t read the issue in question in quite some time. But offhand, I’d really rather spend the holidays with Storm, Marvel Girl, Shadowcat, ( Jewish though she be ) Psylocke, or Monet St. Croix than Wolverine! I’m just weird like that!


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