Lazy cover. Clearly just some generic art they had lying around. the Inhumans aren’t even pictured on it, and the big deal of the annual is it’s a full-on Inhumans/Avengers team up.

The United Nations are mad at the Fantastic Four for putting Inhumans on the moon, which they did because Earth’s environment was killing the Inhumans.

So The Avengers go to Attilan to figure out if the Inhumans will use the moon to attack Earth.

It starts friendly–we’re spared a big “hello let’s fight” sequence like most heroes seem to engage in.

That’s as it should be.

But of course a diplomatic mission wouldn’t be enough for an annual, so we get a Maximums-switched-bodies-with-Black-Bolt story and fight against The Enclave, the scientists who created Her (the female Warlock) and who are allied with Maximus in an effort to create a meteor shower to destroy Earth.

Aaaaaand as a result of the confusion, we get the heroes vs heroes fight once again.

Don’t they ever learn?

It’s rushed and doesn’t make much sense–could have been a solid miniseries if it were decompressed so you could understand the motives of all the characters.

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