Spider-Man: Get Kraven #1-6 (2002-2003)

The first issue of this series reprinted the pages of “Call Me Al,” a back-up feature that appeared behind several books in earlier months—told in installments of about 5 pages per issue.  Nobody wants to read a 5 page serialized story that is spread out across multiple series and months.  And I can say, having them all in one place, that nobody wants to read it here, either.

New Kraven goes to the Bar With No Name and drinks with a bunch of villains.  New Kraven’s given name is Aloysha so, “Call him Al.”

Both Kraven and Spider-Man were told to go to this bar on this night, and when Spidey shows up, all the villains attack him and Spider-Man beats them all up easily and then has a beer with Al until the original Kraven shows up.  (But he’s dead?!?)

Are you annoyed yet?  Because if you are, then stop reading now.  If you’re not, check out this miniseries. 

Spider-Man thinks Old Kraven must be Chameleon because Kraven is dead.  But isn’t Chameleon also dead?  Not sure when this series takes place.

Al helps Spidey beat up Chameleon.

Then Aloysha Kraven has a wannabe actor girlfriend so he goes to Hollywood to become a movie star, too.

OK.  I get it now.  This is supposed to be funny.  But it’s not.  Only it’s not straight up satire—it’s also supposed to be in-continuity.  And it’s not (because Chameleon was alive, remember)?  But the art is good and some of the jokes land right.  The covers are all satires of movies.  That’s fun.  Rather than post any panels from this story, I’ve just posted a few of the covers.

The pluses almost balance the minuses, making this slightly below average.


Ron Zimmerman
John McCrea

Grade: C-

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