INCREDIBLE HULK #427-428 (1995)

We all knew that the “smart Hulk” had to end but…Now he’s dumb Bruce and smart Hulk. These issues start very strange and creepy, with an Albert Einstein lookalike kidnapping a child.

Man-Thing tracks Einstein to save the kid, because they’re in his swamp.

Hulk does, too. Betty and Hulk are living in a small town, and the head cop, Chief Largo, suspects Hulk/Banner in the kidnapping–so Hulk has to rescue the kid.

Those of you who have read this part of Peter David’s run know why I called Largo the “head” cop. Those of you who haven’t, stay tuned.

Once in the swamp, Hulk does NOT punch an alligator.

Hulk fights Man-Thing for reasons that aren’t entirely clear but the battle is cool.

Throughout, Hulk seems to be struggling from becoming a brute.

I love Man-Thing. I love Peter David. I don’t care that this series has taken a very weird turn.

And speaking of weird, Darick Robertson guest pencils a page…


Yes, he drew a door.

2 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE HULK #427-428 (1995)”

  1. Peter David is trying to make a case with his work on “The Incredible Hulk” that not only are comics not just for kids, but there are certain series that are not for kids, period. I’m not sure where I stand on that- I think comics should be for everybody- but I cannot deny that David’s stuff is pretty smart. The subject matter in these issues-the kidnapping of children-is pretty serious stuff for funnybooks, but ultimately it’s all just a set-up for a rematch between the Hulk and the Man-Thing, who rocks! When is the Hulk going to learn that he simply cannot beat the Man-Thing-?? There’s an old chestnut that goes, “No matter who you are, there’s somebody out there who can take you down”, and, in the Hulk’s case, that would be Mr. Man-Thing! If the Hulk doesn’t want the Man-Thing to beat his ass, then all he has to do is to just keep it out of Manny’s swamp! Easy stuff, here! The cover to issue#427 should be made into a giant wall-poster! I’d buy it, and hang it!


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