FANTASTIC FOUR #31-32 (1964)

A two-parter that basically consists of two one-parters.

In the first issue, we are introduced to an “escaped fugitive” whose photograph makes Susan Storm uncomfortable…But we don’t get any answers.

This is followed by a pretty standard fight against Mole Man in which Invisible Girl is held hostage, blah blah blah.  It’s not bad, it’s just not great.  It’s cool, though, that The Avengers make an appearance as well.

Then, at the end, Susan gets a shard to the brain and needs surgery and there’s only one brain surgeon good enough to help her.  No, it’s not Don Blake (a.k.a. Thor).  It’s…The fugitive from the beginning of the issue who, of course, is also Susan and Johnny father.

Turns out, the dude abandoned the Storm kids a long time ago, letting them think he was dead, but they forgive him pretty quick. This may explain why Sue lets Reed treat her like shit so often–daddy issue.

He saves his daughter’s life, they clear his name, and, of course, he dies at the end.

The Kirby/Lee run is great, even if these issues aren’t wonderful. There are still enough character moments that make this shine. Like Johnny and Thing…

Also, Thor appears in a fun cameo that is not necessary to the story.

It might have been cool if Dr. Don Blake had gotten involved in Susan’s treatment. He is a surgeon, after all.

Meanwhile, Reed Richards is still being treated like Plastic Man.

The team fights a fire and that gives Reed all kinds of opportunities to mold himself into weird shapes.

1 thought on “FANTASTIC FOUR #31-32 (1964)”

  1. I had no problem with these issues! I thought they were pretty good! I agree with you, however, on the point in regards to how cool it would have been to have Donald Blake perform the life-saving surgery on Sue. The chief surgeon informs Reed that only one man can save Sue’s life, and that he is hopelessly unavailable. Has this cat not heard of Dr. Donald Blake, super-surgeon to the superjocks-?? This is Marvel-World, where any time a superjock gets injured, they’re fixed up by Dr. Donald Blake, super-surgeon! Just like any time a superjock gets into legal trouble, they are bailed out of it by Matthew Murdock, esquire, super-shyster to the superjocks!! How could this chief surgeon be so out-of-the-know about fellow colleague Donald Blake-?? I can’t even work up a No-Prize for this one!


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