Wolverine #35-37 (1991): 1st Elsie Dee

Wolverine and Alpha Flight’s Puck take on Lady Deathstrike.

Logan and Puck are hanging out a bar in the woods together, when Deathstrike, who has been tracking Wolverine, teleports to the site.  She uses Gateway to send her there.  I must have missed where former Hellfire Club White Bishop’s Donald Pierce enslaved Gateway.

Anyway, he doesn’t like who he’s working for, so instead of just teleporting Deathstrike to the bar, he also teleports the three characters back to the 1930s, having them appear in the middle of a bullfight.

Real-life Ernest Hemingway is in the audience.

What follows is a pre-Nazi story, lots of fun fights—a really nice time-travel romp.

Look at that cover, man.  Super cool.

Upon their return through time…

Donald Pierce welcomes Lady Deathstrike home by dismissing all the chaos they caused in pre-Hitler Europe saying, “Don’t worry about the damage to the time continuum. No one’s going to miss that fifth Ninja Turtle.”

Pierce’s sentient robot is fully created as well, named Elsie, who will be causing problems for Wolverine in the future.  

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