X-MEN UNLIMITED #13 (1996)

Two stories in this issue.

First, an X-Men team help stop the Shi’ar from killing Binary and then go help Silver Surfer, who is also being attacked by the Shi’ar.

To be fair, Empress Lilandra has some good reasons for what she’s doing–for example, Surfer is accused of having destroyed Zenn La. It turns out that both Surfer and Binary are innocent of the crimes suspected by the Shi’ar, and were set up.

They’re exonerated by the end, after a “threat to the entire universe” gets squashed.

The villains, an alien race called the Inciters, are never seen again.

In story #2, Juggernaut goes home on Halloween to confront some bullies from his past. There’s no appearance of the Rutland Parade. There’s not even a DC character costume. Wasted opportunity here.

Neither of these tales is very interesting. The primary story is not helped by the fact that multiple artists take over for each other at random spots in the tale.

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