Power Man & Iron Fist #81-82 (1982)

Abe Brown, formerly of the Sons of the Tiger, is being extradited to Halwan for crimes he didn’t commit, so Power Man and Iron Fist go international to help their friend.  In the end, it turns out that Brown did commit the crimes Halwan wanted him for, but he got shot in the head and lost his memory.

International espionage is an excuse to bring back Boris and Ninotchka.

This two-parter doesn’t work several reasons.  First, PM&IF are best used as street-level bodyguards and detectives.  Smashing foreign governments isn’t their milieu.  Second, Denys Cowan isn’t the right artist for this book.  Luke is a human tank, and should loom large over everyone, but Cowan makes his head too small and has way too much shadow on Luke’s body.  Danny needs to be lithe and crisp, but Cowan’s style is sketchy and dark.


Macho Man is mood music?  I guess for this comic, it is.

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