JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1 #43: The first Royal Flush Gang, and the Logo Gets Revamped

A man named Amos Young creates a supervillain team named after playing cards.  This issue is notable because of some experimental art…IMG_9983And Snapper Carr gets kissed….
IMG_9984 (1)

But serously.  This came out in 1966, while Marvel was cranking out stuff like John Romita Spider-Man, Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four, and Steve Ditko’s Dr. Strange.  DC’s books feel so…Sterile in comparison.  The inclusion of Snapper Carr is to “young up” their titles, but look how prominent he is on the splash page: Did anyone at DC think kids bought JLA to see more Snapper Carr?  Of course they didn’t.

Still, all in all a solid issue, except for a ponderous logo change from this…
To this…
Hm.  Why’d they take all the fun out of it?

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