AVENGERS #246-248 (1984)


Lots going on in these issues. Starfox is an Eternal. 

And more importantly, Marvel hasn’t given up on the Eternals–even if all of its readers have.  The Eternals and Avengers team up against Maelstrom, a renegade half-Eternal who wants to destroy them.  But they don’t beat him.  Deathurge does–and kills him.

I have to say, I’m not super into the main plotline.  But the subplots are cool.  Vision is continuing to get crazier and crazier, and his wife is noticing.


That cup-of-coffee panel is classic. Oh, and by the way, they fly commerical.

But this long-simmer of a story is going to have to come to a head soon.  Because look how evil Vision is getting…


There’s also a brief check-in with Hawkeye starting up the West Coast team, and Captain Marvel “comes out” to her parents as a superhero.


Finally, Ronald Reagan guest stars.

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