HULK #314-315 (1985-1986)

Issue #314 is great because Hulk fights tons of cool, major foes and we get to see John Byrne draw the hell out of them.  The Leader.  Juggernaut.

MODOK. Rhino.

But Hulk doesn’t really fight them.  Rather, Bruce Banner is trying to break free of his imprisonment deep within Hulk by making him fight figments of his imagination. 

But Doc Samson is real.

Samson figures out that he can like an illusion..

Getting Hulk to let down his guard…

…Knock him out, and then Banner from Hulk, giving Bruce his own separate body.

This backfires: Having Banner inside him served as a governor on Hulk, and now the creature is loose on Earth with nothing to soothe or limit him.

This, and Betty Ross returning at the end of issue #315 to visit Banner who is in the hospital recovering from being separated from Hulk, is the set-up for Byrne’s all-too-short run.

And for those who pay attention to my site, you know that this wasn’t the first time that Banner and Hulk were split apart.

Clay Quartermain comes in and takes over from Samson, which will of course lead to problems.

He’s a handsome devil, though.

Oh, and last but not least, Hulk kills a deer.






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