AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #46 (1967): 1st Shocker

1st appearance of The Shocker.  He’s called “The Sinister Shocker” on the cover, but there’s really nothing sinister about him.

He’s introduced with a full origin story–a true freak-of-the-week issue.

I love shocker.  I can’t even tell you why, I just do.

Also in this issue, a fellow Daily Bugle staffer sees Peter Parker enter an alley, and Spider-Man emerge. This happens after Peter breaks JJJ’s balls a little, which is always fun. The reporter, who disguises himself as “Patch,” has figured out it’s impossible for Peter Parker to always be on hand when Spider-man is fighting crime.

He figures out Pete is Spidey!

But quickly, Parker has tricked him and saved his secret.

And finally, the book closes with this panel:

Until I read this, I never thought about Peter Parker actually having clinical depression. They always talk about the “Parker luck” and he frequently has a black cloud over his head.

It’s an interesting theory (of course I say that because it’s my theory), and I don’t think it’s been explored before.

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