Moon Knight #11 (1981)

Frenchie gets the spotlight, as a woman he used to be a spy with shows up needing help. 

The search leads to drug smuggling.

Moon Knight solves all the problems by punching them during Mardis Gras.

Meanwhile, Bill Sienkiewicz’s art continues to be awesome. 

I have a hard time picking whether Bill or Frank Miller are my favorite all-time artists for fight sequences.

Also notable: Marlene is a hottie who also knows about finance.

She actually knows a lot about a lot.

She’s also the emotional center for this book–the only person who recognizes the power of belief and feeling (including the ongoing respect she has for Spector’s belief in Koshnu–which may simply be a delusion). She’s often the strategic thinker in this comic–planning for eventualities that the (mentally unbalanced) Steven/Marc/Jake can’t do for himself. It’s understated–Doug Moench never emphasizes her role and she usually gets a panel or two where we see her in action, but she’s actually the rare example of a very strong supporting female who, while a total hottie, is much more about smartness than sex.

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