JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #93 (1963): 1st Radioactive Man

In #93, it’s the first appearance of Radioactive Man.  His origin is, obviously, radioactive experiments–he’s a scientist who experimented on himself.  And, like more than half the villains in these early Marvel comics, he’s a communist.

His power set is different in this first appearance–he has the ability to put people into a hypnotic trance.

Thor breaks free of the trance because Radioactive Man tells him to throw his hammer away, and he reverts to Don Blake.

Don Blake is a doctor.  A surgeon, I believe.  But in this issue, he’s also an inventor.

I do find it quite annoying that everyone in Marvel Comics can create amazing gadgets.

The story ends when Thor literally blows Radioactive Man up, and sends the radiation out over the sea using a tornado.

Plotted and drawn by Stan and Jack, the pencils were done by “R Bern” who is really Robert Bernstein. I’m assuming the nom de plume was to seem less Jewish?

I graded this as slightly below average because the anti-commie stories are getting tiresome.

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