Right on the cover and splash page we see that Iron Man’s drab grey steel is now yellow.  But before the color change, we learn about how Tony manages to store his suit (other than the chest plate, which keeps his defective heart beating) in a briefcase…

I can’t help thinking that Jack Kirby could have done a much better job showing how the armor is collapsable.  I’m assuming it’s because he’s simply doing too much.  Or maybe because Don Heck sucks–he inks this issue (at times making it very hard to see that Jack worked on it).

His girfriend Marion tells him to change his armor.

And so…

“Leave it to a woman.”  Yes.  Once again, a new costume is designed by a female.

More than half of this story is about Tony changing his costume.  I really like that.  It’s very different from other books on the market.

As for the cover story about a giant with a big club, the less said about it the better.

Creators: Stan Lee (plot), R. Berns (script), Jack Kirby (pencils), Don Heck (inks)


So this is neat: The two legendary artists most responsible for Marvel’s early success team up to create a comic teaming up the two titles most responsible for Marvel’s early…