Marc Spector: Moon Knight #22-24 (1991): 1st Chainsaw; Chuck Dixon’s Run Ends

Moon Knight has been fighting the evil “Secret Empire” (such a generic name), and his little buddy Midnight has been kidnapped and made evil by them—he’s basically turned into the Moon Knight version of Bucky/Winter Soldier.  

While looking for him, he meets a new villain named Chainsaw.

He rides a motorcycle and cuts people up with a chainsaw, and leads a white supremacist gang called Praetorian Brotherhood.  And gets beat by Moon Knight.

A bunch of other stuff happens with the Secret Empire, but there are so many evil groups with that name that I simply refuse to get into the details.  Dixon’s run ends with Midnight as a villain and a new character, Chainsaw, who will only be around for a short while—in Chuck Dixon’s other books.

I like Chuck Dixon as a writer, but in appropriate doses.  Having him write Moon Knight and Punisher all overlapping is just too much of the super-macho, guns-and-ninjas stuff.

Nice retro water tower reference. By this time, 1991, we didn’t see these nearly as much as we did during the Frank Miller era.