I know a lot of people hate Impossible Man because he’s ridiculously powerful but is never portrayed that way in comics–and probably also hate Warlock for the same reason. They can change shape into ANYTHING. It’s ridiculous. But it’s fun to see them fight each other.

This whole annual is just a big danger room fight.

And there’s sports.

There’s no story here, it’s just silly fun. Lots of fun.

Hulk #338 (1987): 1st Mercy

A new “villain” appears, the (somewhat cosmic or magical) empath Mercy, who is drawn to people with suicidal thoughts, who she then “encourages” to take that final step.  We don’t…

X-Factor #20 (1987)

I’m a little disappointed that this issue focuses almost entirely on the kid-side of X-Factor, since last issue seemed to promise we’d starts seeing more from Apocalypse.  But hey, if…

Punisher #3 (1987)

There’s not a whole lot of point in summarizing issues of The Punisher.  At least not at this point.  They’re “small” stories that take place on the street level and…