TALES TO ASTONISH #38 (1962): 1st Egghead!

We meet Egghead for the first time #38, Ant man’s first arch enemy, who traps him in flypaper.

Here’s his “origin,” which is nothing you couldn’t have anticipated:

So, he’s spurned.  And criminals in Hank Pym’s hometown find out, and recruit him to take down Ant-Man.  Because, wouldn’t you be pretty damn sick of being beaten up by insects?

Egghead’s strategy is to create his own ant-talking tech and beat Dr. Pym at his own game.

But it turns out that ants are more than just robotic creatures easily controlled by radio waves–they have loyalty!

This should put to rest any concerns animal lovers might have had that Pym was exploiting the insects.

TALES TO ASTONISH #36-37 (1962)

I’m grouping these two issues together because, collectively, they’re less than a full comic book worth of Marvel 616 story. Two short Hank Pym tales, with nothing of great importance. …


He still looks like Frankenstein, and this still has a very “horror” feel to it. This issues starts with Hulk emerging from a swamp and the locals running in terror. …