TALES TO ASTONISH #49 (1963): 1st Giant Man

For the first time, Hank is Giant-Man.  We watch as he works through some of the science to get the details right.

And as he mansplains love to Wasp.  The constant characterization of Wasp as a giddy idiot and Hank as a steadfast hero is irritating, knowing he becomes a wife beater.  Sort of like watching O.J in Naked Gun knowing he murders two people later.

The villain is The Living Eraser, just called “Eraser” in this issue.  He’s an interdimensional invader who appears to “erase” people but in truth just transports them to his home dimension.

Creators: Lee/Kirby
First appearance: Giant Man, The Eraser
Grade: C-.  A less-than-average Lee/Kirby joint.  Even the art isn’t very Kirbyish.


Namor proposes to Sue for the first time.  And I don’t know why she’d even consider leaving Reed.  It’s not like he’s an asshole or anything… But first, a wrestler…