The Kree send a hit squad to kill Black Bolt and the royal family as part of their desire to take back the Blue Area of the moon.  I mean, it’s a little more complicated than that because Black Bolt is actually living in exile and Attilan was destroyed during the Atlantis Rising event but…Who cares?

There’s a lot of scenes/dialog like this:

If you like that, you should read this.  If you don’t, you shouldn’t. 

I don’t.


I hate the title of this issue: “And canst thou slay…The Juggernaut?” It’s so dumb. But other than that, it’s a great comic. Hulk was captured by the military last…

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14 (1980)

Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Denny O’Neil, and Frank Miller. Nuff said? The splash page is an immediate indication of how great this issue will be… Dormammu and Doctor Doom team up…

FANTASTIC FOUR #6-8 (1998)

Did you like Chris Claremont’s Excalibur? If so, maybe you’ll like this. I didn’t and I don’t. Technet takes on the FF, the alternate Captain Britains come in, everything goes…