Marvel Comics Presents #113-118 (1992): Ghost Rider and Iron Fist

For this episode of “Ghost Rider Team-Up,” Iron Fist helps the flaming skull take on a “Legion of Vengeance” led by a demon named D’Kay.  Lots of people get burned alive.

The art is awful and grotesque, and the story basically nonexistent. For this they brought Fist back from the dead?

DARKHAWK #16-18 (1992)

Darkhawk takes on a group of Russian supervillains. They never reappear and the story doesn’t matter.  At all.  Not even to Darkhawk.

THE DEFENDERS #105 and #111 (1982)

I’m combining these issues because of their interesting take on the devil.  In #105, Son of Satan (above) meets his father, and the Devil reveals his “other face.”  We, the…