HOWARD THE DUCK #28-31 (1978-1979): Series ends (for now)

There are a few Steve Gerber scripts tucked in here, but for the most part these are a bunch of one- or two-issue stories by people who aren’t Steve Gerber.

Howard the Duck wasn’t Gerber’s best work, but others have a much harder time making this book even basically readable.

The book finally comes to an end with issue #31. In a story that sees Howard get rich and lose it all, the final panels are above.

It will return with issue #32 in seven years.

The final panels are above, and they promise an “exciting announcement,” which is that the book is over.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #61-62 (1965)

At this time, the book is split even between solo Cap stories and solo Iron Man stories.  And between the two, we get about one good comic every two issues. …