AVENGERS #25 (1966)

Continuing their uninterrupted run of mediocre stories, at least in this one we learn that Rama Tut may be a future self of Dr. Doom.  It’s untrue, as we learn much later, but it’s one of Marvel history’s longest-running “red herrings.” Although Kang, who is really an alternate-universe Nathaniel Richards, was inspired enough by Doom to make a similar face mask.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver visit their auntie in Latveria where, of course, they meet Doctor Doom.  Who appears to be a nice dude.

In fact, he lured the mutant siblings there.  Hawkeye and Cap go to help, and Hawkeye thinks Cap does too much speechifying.

Hawkeye also mouths off to Dr. Doom, who isn’t having any of that.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four try to help but get cockblocked by the U.S. Government.

The Avengers eventually win, and Cap trains with ropes.

This is also the one that drops the bombshell that Kang and Doom are related, but later this is retconned out of canon.