PUNISHER WAR ZONE #12-16: Psychoville (1993)

Punisher is captured by a secret government organization that brainwashes him and makes him do their work.  It’s a cool story, and it takes its time to develop.  Pun is captured, we see the brainwashing process–which includes giving him a fake wife and kids and putting him in a fake town to live.  (That’s how they can say the familial scene on the cover does appear in the issue.)

All the covers are good for this story.

It’s also a good story because Microchip has more to do than usual–he tracks down Punisher and frees him from the mind control.

It’s a pretty different kind of Punisher story, and novel Frank Castle tales are kind of hard to come by.


The U-Foes were still loose at the end of the big fight against Leader’s team last issue.  This issue starts with Hulk finishing them off. With that, Leader’s plans are…

SILVER SURFER #79-82 (1993)

The Bill story continues in Silver Surfer #79, which starts with Surfer having a little meet-up with Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva Then we meet a new, super-powerful villain name…