JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #101-102 (1964)

Thor’s Hammer displays some of its dimension-opening properties during this storyline.

In these issues, Thor throws a temper tantrum because Odin won’t let him marry Jane Foster.

And Odin de-powers him.

Also, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man returns–and freezes Thor’s hammer.

Does that count as a “lift?”

This still isn’t a great comic.  So I figured I’d take this space to note that there’s a backup feature in all these issues called “Tales of Asgard” which has Thor as a kid.

He basically looks like a girl. Or Prince Valiant.  Lots of folks love these stories.

I don’t.

I read somewhere, sometime, that Jack Kirby was the main force on this title, especially the “Tales” features, and Stan did very little.  If that’s the case, Kirby really did need Stan as a writer.  Because these early issues of JiM are pretty dull/bad.

THE X-MEN #3 (1964): 1st Blob

Let’s start with the creepy.  Professor X is in love with Jean?????  There’s hints about this over and over in the pages of X-Men and it’s yucky.  But on to…