TALES OF SUSPENSE #46 (1963): 1st Crimson Dynamo

First Crimson Dynamo.  He’s pretty clunky.  The USSR want to compete with America’s Iron Man, so they build red armor and send him off to kill.

In the end, the allure of capitalism overcomes Crimson Dynamo and he defects to the U.S.

Creators: Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein, Don Heck
Grade: D+.  These early Iron Man issues really aren’t very good.

STRANGE TALES #107 (1963)

This issue starts in a really weird way.  Apparently, the Fantastic Four have time to write their own comic books.  Torch gets mad because Reed didn’t consult him on the…

TALES TO ASTONISH #42-43 (1963)

The first appearance of Voice, who has powers similar to Purple Man, and will return a few decades later.  He uses his powers to turn the world against Ant-Man. Then…