Captain America #384 (1991)

This is a really weird issue.  Captain America, while taking a physical exam with a physician, he learns his super soldier serum effects have returned (he was a “normal” guy for a while).  This is good because having the serum removed from his body and taking the effects away was a terrible idea, and he’s been able to do all kinds of things that only a super-strong character could do—even if along the way there were passing nods to him being “less” powerful.

He learns that there is a cult worshipping a “man in the ice” in Antarctica.  This makes him reminisce about his own frozen-rebirth story, and he goes there with Thor, expecting to find that Bucky also has been frozen, only to find the Golden-Age ice-hero (and member of Liberty Legion) Jack Frost and several ice-monsters.

Frost never appears again.

And we end with irony: They found Jack Frost but didn’t find D-Man, who is also frozen there.

INCREDIBLE HULK #383-384 (1991)

The cover to issue #383 promises a fight with Abomination that, thanks to Thanos and some pretty ingenious plotting by Peter David, never really comes.  But before all that, some…

THOR #436 (1991)

In my opinion, The Absorbing Man is the best Thor villain, not Loki.  But Crusher Creel is NOT “uncanny.”  Not sure why they use that adjective on the cover. This…

WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #79-80 (1991)

Robot mercenaries commissioned by Silvermane and built by Tinkerer (mentioned but never seen on screen) hunt down Peter Parker because he’s close to Spider-Man, so Pete changes into Spider-Man and…