DAREDEVIL #87-96 (1972-1973)


DD moves to SF to be with Black Widow.

We still have Gene Colan, which means we get some great art. But we also still have Gerry Conway, whose writing is truly uninspired.  Conway is a hit-or-miss writer. He does some great work, and he does a lot that’s meh.

Murdock is a classic playboy/sexist, but I really object to the portrayal of Widow as a helpless, meek woman.

Daredevil helps Widow take on a former handler who is up to no good.

This is the first time we have a Marvel Comic set in San Francisco, and the second time a book about a single hero changed its title into a team up (the book ran under the banner Daredevil and Black Widow for these issues, but retained the Daredevil numbering).  There should have been something different about it–something that made it unique–but it really seems just like watered down Spider-Man comics.  In fact, the Widow/DD team spend the issues fighting the same characters they fought as East Coasters.  Like Electro…

…Killgrave the Purple Man…

…The third Mister Fear in his first appearance…


…And a bunch of new villains who we never see again. And one we will: A rich dude who uses radiation to become The Indestructible Man.

The stories aren’t bad, but they feel like a big missed opportunity.

But again, the art is really great.  Colan even figured out how to “draw” a car chase–which is a scene that obviously relies heavily on motion.

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