Marvel Comics Presents #48-50 (1990): Wolverine and Spider-Man; 1st Whiplash (Snake Whip), Bloodlust

Three 8-page stories is basically one issue of Marvel Team-Up. So that’s what this is.

Wolverine and Spider-Man fight first, then join forces. 

This is when Spider-Man learns that Wolverine isn’t dead–a fact most of the world doesn’t know, thinking they saw all the X-Men die on live television.  (Since then, the X-Men have been hiding in Australia.)

Their mission is to rescue a girl kidnapped by a gang of new evil mutants including Whiplash…

…Who is basically Constrictor. A fat guy named Critical Mass….

…and Bloodlust.

She’s basically Sabretooth/Wolverine.

And there’s Savage Fin.

No, he’s not Savage Dragon. But I’m counting this as a publisher crossover because he’s clearly designed to look like Erik Larsen’s indie creation.

Most of the new villains don’t matter and die in the end, but two will appear a few more times in Marvel books, always together. They’re the two I tagged below.

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