FANTASTIC FOUR #12 (1963): 1st Thing/Hulk Fight

As I write this, I’m going back over all the posts I already created to transfer them to this new, awesome blog with better capabilities.  So I’m actually re-reading these issues, and my posts about them.  When I first wrote about Fantastic Four #12, I said it was the birth of the shared universe.  This was because The Amazing Spider-Man #1 featured the FF helping launch Spider-Man’s new title, and this issue, featuring Hulk, coming out in the same week.  Imagine being a kid in the second week of March 1963, going to the newsstand, and picking up both this comic and The Amazing Spider-Man #1.  Quite a ride. 

So much about this issue is great.  Starting with the cover.  I just love that.  So many Marvel crossovers start with the heroes fighting, and this cover shows the anticipation of the big battle.  Everyone loves to argue about which heroes would win in a fight, and Marvel always gave us a little bit of that.

This issue starts with Ben and Alicia on a date at a fancy symphony.  This is the first time we as readers see them dating–but no big deal is made of it.

And once again, regular citizens in the Marvel Universe are completely fooled by a trenchcoat and a hat.

Except for the U.S. Army, who attack Thing for seemingly no reason.

Turns out, they thought he was Hulk.

Fair mistake, no?

This leads General Ross to ask the FF for help.

And so the battle lines are drawn.

Hulk gives them the clap…And of course, Thing ends up in a hole.

This issue of F4, where Thing and Hulk fight the first of many epic battles, was the first time two Marvel characters from different comics fought each other. 

We also learn in this issue that Torch helped build the Fantasti-Car.

In about 15 years, he’ll help Spider-Man build the Spider Mobile.

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