GENERATION X #18-19 (1996)

Although these issues are billed as an Onslaught tie-in, the story really doesn’t rely on the event to drive the story or the action.

Emma kidnaps some of the kids to protect them from Onslaught, and Banshee tries to find and “rescue” them. She takes them to her Canadian mansion where Toad lurks in the shadows.

When the kids realize they’re not back home in Boston, Emma takes over their minds and makes them revert to fourth graders. But first, they resist her.

But ultimately, Emma wins.

Then, Emma has to take care of them while they play dress up.

She even gets a tad maternal.

Oh, and remember Toad was there?

Well it turns out Emma knew he was there.

Toad has an army of robot Toads, which provides the “action” component of the story. Actually, there’s no real action. The Toads are friendly.

This story is really about Emma hypnotizing the students into acting like small children so that they don’t realize she’s kidnapped them.

Money does realize it, showing she has the psychic armor to resist Emma and even retaliate on the psychic plane.

In the end, we are shown that Emma was actually being affected by Onslaught the whole time, so Banshee forgives her for taking the kids.

The home is in Canada, so Sasquatch makes an appearance.

And Emma’s servant, Mr. Bumpkin, has his first appearance.

He seems nice.

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