UNCANNY X-MEN #315 (1994)

Colossus has left the X-Men and joined the Acolytes, who secretly have a comatose Magneto in their custody. The Acolytes hold a kangaroo court to see what to do about Neophyte, who “betrayed” the Acolytes by helping the X-Men. Exodus, who has taken the leadership role in Magneto’s “absence,” is the judge.

Colossus defends Neophyte, which makes sense given he’s straddled both teams. Rather than execution, Neophyte is banished from the group.

Exodus had really wanted death for Neophyte, but Colossus did very well at the trial. So, he’s pissed at Colossus at the end of this issue–and holds Peter responsible for his losing control of the Acolytes.

Down in his “coma chamber,” Magneto seems to smile.

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