DAREDEVIL #22-23 (1966)

Masked Marauder and Gladiator team-up to take on Daredevil by creating “Tri-Man,” which is an android made of three of their best henchmen.

Kinda dumb. But not as dumb as this move:

There is no way he’d have much power kicking behind him using only his hips and upper hamstrings for power.

At one point, DD is put in a container so they can siphon his power, too, but he escapes.


As a result of this creation–which Daredevil defeats–Gladiator is allowed into the Maggia.

Karen Page was pretty astute–she suspected Matt Murdock of being Daredevil within the first 22 issues.  I’m pretty sure that’s better than Lois suspecting Clark.

matt and foggy and karen page

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