NEW WARRIORS #32-34 and NEW WARRIORS ANNUAL #3 (1993): Forces of Darkness; 1st Carlton LaFroyge

Cloak’s darkness powers are fighting him, and his cloak swallows him and Dagger. 

The darkness is also responsible for Vanisher’s disappearance last issue and the disappearance of characters in other Marvel books. 

Turns out, the power is being hijacked. The misfire also implicates other darkforce guys like Quagmire and Shroud.

It attacks New York, so Spider-Man and speedball investigate.

They’re joined by Archangel and Doctor Strange and Darkhawk and many others. 

Yeah, this is turning into an event. 

Only it’s not billed that way, and it stays in the pages of New Warriors.  Anyway, Avengers and FFers show up, and now it’s everyone against the darkness power that fuels Cloak, which is personified under several names throughout this story.

Darkling seems to be the right name, at least according to Marvel Fandom.

But in his very next appearance he’ll call himself “Asylum” for no reason at all.

And he feels like the world has wronged him because he’s darkness and he’s lonely

The story ends in the year’s annual.

In which the villain is defeated and it turns out he’s not a bad dude he just got a little out of control.  The story ends with him being forgiven and deciding to go off and figure out how to be a hero. He’ll return one more time, and then be gone forever.

For a story that involves everyone, it’s really just resolved by Cloak and Dr. Strange.  Not a terrible story, but it feels kind of vapid.

Also we see Carlton LaFroyge for the first time, who will become Hindsight–the team’s chief of security.

And, in a backup story, Fabian Nicieza appears, being attacked by “Weapon Y” (who is never seen again).

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