WOLVERINE #95 (1995)

Wolverine is going feral. He’s actually been doing that in at least a half-dozen books I read this week. So whether you catch him here, in X-Men, in the other X-Men (Uncanny), or whereverthefuck, you’ll see him going feral.

In this issue, Guardian and Guardian (aka Vindicator and Vindicator aka James and Heather Hudson) are following him around to make sure he doesn’t go crazy on civilians and help him kill a super-powered murderer on the streets of New York.

It’s played for comedy but it’s not funny.

Also, if you care about Cyber, you shouldn’t. But he’s got a “B” story where Genesis (aka Tyler Dayspring aka Cable’s son) and The Dark Riders are hunting him for his adamantium exoskeleton.

This is the first appearance of Dirtnap, a mutant who lives in the bodies of other creatures.

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