X-MAN #32-33 (1997)

A homeless killer mutant named Jack Knife stalks Nate, who is out dancing. Jack was one of Abomination’s sewer-dwelling Forgotten club, and apparently he blames Nate for breaking up that crew (when Nate fought Abomination back in X-Man #21).

Jack also wants to kill Roust, also a past member of the Forgotten, but X-Man saves him.

The big confrontation happens in a club, where Nate is dancing with three nonpowered girls who have been following him around for a bunch of issues: Marita, Jam and Bux. They kind of treat him like a cult leader.

Because the big finale happens in public, a bunch more people see him. The cops try to arrest him, and the crowd rings around Nate, protecting him.

It looks like next issue will bring some of this messiah stuff from the side-story into the main tale.

It makes sense that a guy with Nate’s powers and good looks would have such a role–frankly, I’m surprised nobody thought of it before now. It’s a solid driver and offers a lot of opportunities for storylines. Cable has hints of this, but it’s not done very well and it’s annoyingly tied to a fake future.

Also in this story, we see Threnody raising a bunch of zombies.

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