Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4-5 (1989): 1st Midnight

Midnight was a Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewicz creation from Moon Knight’s first series.  He debuted in #3 and died in #10 after appearing in only three comics in total.  For Chuck Dixon, Midnight will be a major villain. But first…

…Moon Knight has to try out his scary faces in the mirror.

I don’t like this Moon Knight very much. And like this one less:

I like my Moon Knight crazy, not as a player. And Marlene is just a generic, frisky kitten.


Now, back to the return of Midnight…

Visually, Midnight is a solid adversary.  He’s in all black with a black cape—the polar opposite of Moon Knight.  The problem is, Dixon isn’t working with an artist as brilliant as Sienkiewicz.

Also, Dixon seems to be interested (or mandated) in having Moon Knight tie-in with the bigger Marvel Universe.  

This is part of the company’s pattern, after having put him in the Avengers, and it’s basically why there won’t be a great Moon Knight book again until the turn of the Century.

In this issue, it’s Black Cat.  Note: Dixon’s writing is still decent, and I do like the line about Midnight being a bad swimmer—the original Midnight drowned to death in Moon Knight #10.

But having Black Cat immediately have the hots for Moon Knight just perpetuates her characterization as a sex-crazed idiot, which is a lot less interesting than it should be.

Anyway, Midnight is foiled at the end when Moon Knight dumps his car in the water.

Midnight then reveals that he is the son of the original character, and he wants to be Moon Knight’s partner.  

Moon Knight rejects him and we’re shown that next issue will feature zombies.  It will also feature Brother Voodoo.

And yes, it will be bad.

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