WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #79-80 (1991)

Robot mercenaries commissioned by Silvermane and built by Tinkerer (mentioned but never seen on screen) hunt down Peter Parker because he’s close to Spider-Man, so Pete changes into Spider-Man and beats them up.  MJ kicks a little ass too.

Then Spidey tracks the robots’ source, fights Silverman, and Black Cat kind of randomly comes along and helps.

Silvermane’s plan had been to kill Spider-Man over a live broadcast to impress all the leaders of NY’s underworld. The cameras are broken when Silverman unmasks Spidey…

…But Silverman is also visually blind due to the damage to his robotic frame. So, his secret stays safe.

I like Silvermane so I liked this story, but there’s nothing really great here.

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