Namor #41 (1993)

Namor is back underwater, ruling Atlantis with wings on his ankles, so it’s time to go back to war with the surface world.  He fights War Machine after a Stark submarine crashes near Atlantis.

At this point, it’s just bizarre that Namor keeps fighting and that surface world heroes (or civilian government leaders) don’t have ongoing diplomatic relations instead.  I mean, the dude was a corporate leader for the past 40 issues.  I know the theory of DC/Marvel is to have a baseline status quo where their heroes return to, so that they can keep telling stories for 50+ years.  And I really don’t have a problem with that.  But shouldn’t be the same exact story, and there can be some kind of learning/character development.

But not, apparently, in the 1990s, which is the worst time for Marvel except maybe for the 2010s.

Oh, wait.  There is some learning.  See how Namor figures out there are two armored heroes now?

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