Stan Lee sure does like to show superheroes busting up their own stuff.  First, Thor murdered some file cabinets, and now Iron Man is tearing up Stark Industries. 

After the rage, it’s the regret…

…and remorseful pouting.

The main story here introduces The Unicorn.  He’s a dude with a hat that has a laser on it, which was built by the now-deceased Anton Vanko, creator of the Crimson Dynamo armor.

Why are most of Iron Man’s enemies so damn lame?

He injures Happy Hogan (which is why Iron Man is pouting in the panel above).

There’s also a scene where The Avengers try to reach Iron Man, and Tony Stark tells Pepper Potts to hold his calls.

Tony Stark is often portrayed as an entitled dick in these issues, so this kind of fits. It is weird, though, to see him acting so decidedly unheroic.

 The story itself isn’t terrible, but having Don Heck as an artist doesn’t do it any favors.

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