Marvel Team-Up #86 (1979): Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m a Bob McLeod fan.  Love his art.  He’ll go on to cocreate The New Mutants with Chris Claremont, but here he’s just drawing a team-up with three members of the Guardians, who come back in time to stop someone from stealing their scientific advances.

Hammer and Anvil are part of the bad guy team. The help capture Iron Man for “study.”

They are about to unmask him…

…when the Guardians arrive.

Before you get excited, remember that this is the 1970s version of the team, which basically was a guy made of crystals, a chick with fiery hair, and whatever-the-heck Starhawk was.

Still, they’re a fun team and the issue is perfectly fine.  Not much else to say.

Credits are as follows: Allyn Brodsky (plot), Chris Claremont (writer), Bob McLeod (Pencils and inks)

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