Time for an interlude prison story (jail tales are my favorite!), where we check in with Mach-1, who went to prison to atone for his actual crimes while serving as a Thunderbolt.

Jay Leno thinks it’s funny.

While’s he’s in there, there’s a massive riot/prison break–and some villains want to kill him for betraying villainy by trying to go straight.

Mach 1 quells the riot with makeshift gear creating a sonic wave.

After order is restored, Val Cooper in D.C. decides that Abe Jenkins is right for a job that could rehabilitate him and get him out of prison for good.

I loved this issue, but recognize that tonally, and content-wise, this is a much darker issue than we’re used to from this comic. Guest creators Joe Casey and Leonardo Manco give Mark Bagely and Kurt Busiek a rest for this one issue. They just do a framing sequence.

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