Marvel Super Heroes #6-8 (1991): X-Men

Apparently Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, The New Mutants, X-Factor, Wolverine, and the upcoming X-Force is just not enough space to tell all the mutant stories in Marvel’s inventory.  So we get a three-part tale spread across the worst of the ongoing Marvel anthology books.

The story brings Roy Thomas back to X-Men after almost 30 years to tell a story about Sentinels.

The robots act very “human” in these issues.  Also, how the heck did they tie a woman up in the above panel?  They’re gigantic and have fat fingers!

Anyway, it starts with the X-Men meeting Abomination for the first time.  And Doc Samson.

And they’re in tubes!

It’s actually nice that Storm knows who they are and there’s no big fight the first time they meet.  Refreshing.

Anyway, the story pretty much writes itself.  Sentinels kidnap Abomination and Samson, X-Men go to rescue them, there’s some fighting, they uncover a grander master plan, and squash it

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