Power Pack #21 (1986)

One of the best inkers in 1980s comics was Terry Austin.  He had a nondistinct style, unlike guys like Kyle Baker and Klaus Janson, which meant that he could really bring out the style of the penciler underneath.  With this issue, Terry begins writing Power Pack.  It’s just a fill-in, but I think this is the first time he’s written a comic.

The kids come across Spider-Man when he runs out of web fluid and starts to fall.

Putting to one side that he’s been a superhero for many years now and really shouldn’t be having an amateur problem like this, it’s a nice way to have them meet in this issue.  It’s also appropriate for a kid-focused book, because these kinds of book usually empower kids by making “grown ups” look incompetent.

The main story involves Power Pack (without Spidey) solving the kidnapping of Katie Power’s favorite children’s author.  To now, Louise Simonson has been writing every issue of this book, but Terry Austin does a good job with it.  It’s a testament to how well and thoroughly Simonson established the characters.


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