X-FACTOR #82-83 (1992): 1st X-Patriots

Last issue, we saw that some Genoshan refugee-mutants were seeking asylum in the U.S.  Now, Sauron and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants seek to draft the refugees into their side of the mutant/human divide.  The refugees are called X-Patriots, which, frankly, is pretty cool.

The X-Factor team is pulled into the conflict by their government liaison, Val Cooper.

But it’s a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants–led by … Toad! Toad is a leader now!

Quicksilver humbles him.

Humbles him right in the face.

Wolfsbane kicks Sauron’s ass.

After forcing the Brotherhood to run away, X-Factor takes the X-Patriots out on the town.

While waltzing around New York, the X-Patriots experience anti-mutant hatred. They’ll be hanging around the series for a short bit.

This feels like a rushed ending to a storyline with the potential to bring immigration into the racism-centric Marvel mutant theme. The rare example of Peter David not taking full advantage of a writing opportunity. But it’s probably because he has to crowbar his book into the X-Cutioner’s Song event next issue.

There’s a strange comedic sequence with the brother of Rick Chalker, brother of Vic Chalker, who now has his own armored/weaponized suit.

It doesn’t amount to anything, but it’s kind of funny so I included it.

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