Secret Defenders #12-14 (1994)

I like this twist.  Instead of Dr. Strange bringing heroes together, Thanos grabs up a (very strange) collections of villains. He considers, but does not select, Deathbird, Venom, a few others, and Darkseid!

Already I’m enjoying this story more than all the other Secret Defenders tales combined.  And we’re just a few pages in.  I always thought the 1970s book Super Villain Team-Up was a lost opportunity.

After beating up a few of his recruits, he sends them to a strange planet to kidnap a seer, which they do after basically a full issue of combat.  Fun combat!

The downside of this story is that the art is mediocre-to-bad, and it’s used to legitimize Legacy in the end.

He appears to have overdeveloped legs.  Anyway, he and Silver Surfer arrive at the end to warn them that this whole story is basically an intro to the year’s space-based event, Cosmic Powers.

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