POWER PACK #37-40 (1988): Louise Simonson run ends

The panels above are from an opening sequence where the team uses their powers to do their chores. Very fun.

For the main story: There’s a new mutant in New York who can teleport. She’s a little girl. She teleports on set to a talk show, and gets interviewed.  This leads to the girl’s house being firebombed and a bunch of anti-mutant hate.

The bomber is the bully Douglas Carmody, who is revealed to be “The Bogeyman” (up to now, we haven’t known Bogeyman was Carmody).  We also learn he is being funded by the anti-anti-mutant group, The Right—from the pages of X-Factor.

Bogeyman kidnaps her in a sack. And also takes Power Pack members.

And the Power Packers team up with The New Mutants to rescue her.

The villains, “The Right,” are trying to kidnap the girl to sell her to N’astirh–a demon.

The two teams are successful, the girl goes home, and we never see her again.

This is a book that used to be very good, but it gets worse every issue.  With #39, it becomes direct-market only, with more pages, a higher price, and a dozen extra pages of content.

Note: Issue #38 is a fill-in writer on a story about the spoiled children of Arab oil barons who pick on the Power kids.  It’s irrelevant.

These issues introduce artist Sal Velluto, and also, assisting on #38, Julianna Jones. Power Pack was a hit and very different from the other stuff Marvel was producing–not sure why they didn’t give it to a name artist (and name writer, since Louise Simonson leaves after #40) to ensure the quality and sales kept up.


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