New Mutants #35 (1986)

This story takes place after X-Men #200, where Professor X gave Magneto the role of headmaster of the School for Gifted Youngsters. 

This is obviously a little confusing for the kids, who discuss among themselves…

And also straight to Magneto’s face:

They all wrestle with the idea of being taught and protected by the world’s first Evil Mutant. Claremont reminds us that he does some of the finest character writing in this issue.

Karma just got past being dominated by the evil Shadow King, so her reservations are particularly personal.

Magneto has his own doubts as well.

The kids sneak out and go into town.

There, a group of townies try to rape Dani Moonstar.

Magneto finds out.

Turns out, his hatred of humans can align with a newfound protectiveness of his studends.

Magneto goes nuclear, which convinces the team that they can trust him.

And so we end with an uneasy new status quo.


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