FANTASTIC FOUR #61/490 (2002)

Mark Waid’s second issue and the Yancy Street gang is already pranking Thing. Or are they?


This is the greatest retcon in FF history: It turns out, all those years, it was Johnny–not the Yancy Streeters–doing most of the pranking.


I usually don’t care for retcons. This one is wizard. Anyway, Sue is mad at Johnny because the FF have formed Fantastic Four Incorporated–a business–and this can be his chance to stop being a reckless goofball and start being an adult (more like Reed?). She tells him not to screw this up…

…And the “next” box tells us he will sure do that.

There is a serious side, too. Some kind of evil is causing power outages and giving Franklin nightmares. And rather than start small, this first enemy will be no less than Doc Doom.

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  1. I don’t think the retcon as presented plays but still like the issue.

    I think making All of Them from Johnny goes too far. I choose to believe that line is hyperbole on his part and that it was more like half or even most of them and he only did it after the YSG did it first.


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