SILVER SURFER #128-131 (1997)

In the last story arc, Silver Surfer lost his “silver” powers to a replica of himself made by Puppet Master.  But apparently, Norrin Radd is still superhuman.  He wakes up in an alley after the power transfer, naked, and jumps off a building—landing unhurt.

Meanwhile, his alter ego has the power cosmic and starts beating the hell out of New York—full of the rage that Norrin Radd never allowed himself to fully feel.

Daredevil and Spider-Man are unable to stop him, but the action sequence is both funny and very well executed artistically!

Surfer and Radd end up re-merging at the end of issue #128, causing a huge explosion. 

They (now just one being) end up in 1947, and Alicia Masters is with him, and she can see!  Because it is 50 years earlier, Surfer decides to go find Galactus—abandoning Alicia. 

He ends up finding “himself”, in a coma—with Galactus, too, floating unconscious, and Zenn La destroyed.  Yeah, you get it.  Timeline trouble. It’s fixed by the end, with Surfer and Alicia back in the 616 timeline.

Meanwhile, in the present, DD and Spidey fail to stop a group of well-armed sci-fi thugs from kidnapping Puppet Master. What happens to him will be the subject of the next arc.

I wasn’t sold on the good/bad split of Surfer’s personality, but it turned out to be pretty good!

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