GREEN GOBLIN #1 (1995): 1st Urich Goblin

A guy named Phil Urich–the nephew of Ben Urich–becomes Green Goblin–but as a good guy. Kinda. He has some lowlife friends who happen upon some of Norman Osborn’s gear in a streetfight, and Phil gets his paws on it.

It’s cool that he knows about it because his dad just wrote a biography about Osborn. It’s a really nice way to introduce a legacy character because it ties together the history of the character with the present. And including the Ben Urich book actually includes the “official 616 history” of the character as well. Implicitly, that also shows how seductive it might be for a fringe “normie” 616 character to want–desperately–to get the kind of attention that the “super” 616 characters get. Especially when the attention comes from their own uncle!

Nicely done.

Issue #1 is just an introduction.

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