Marvel Spotlight #12-13 (1974): Satana is sister of Son of Satan

Issue #12 focuses on Damoin’s daddy issues. Like so many of us, his father is aging and isn’t quite what he used to be.

So apparently, Son of Satan’s trident is powerful enough to stop the Devil who created it!

I’m just going to note that “slave my anger” isn’t a thing. It should say “slack” not “slave.” Typo!

SoS is foiling his father in the name of his mother and sister. I think this is the first we learn of Satana in the 616.

And now it’s on to more details about his family relations.

From father to mother: Daimon Hellstrom reads his mommy’s diary and gets more details about how she was seduced by Satan.  Here’s a flashback:

Son of Satan’s origin gets retconned numerous times, so I’m not sure this is even still canon.  But it does bring Satana, who first appeared in Marvel’s horror magazine Vampire Tales into the Marvel Universe as Daimon’s sister, Satana Hellstrom.

From here, she’d continue to appear in horror mags separate from Earth 616, while also appearing in future issues of Marvel Spotlight on Son of Satan, and in other stories about Daimon.

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