X-Factor #30-31 (1988): 1st Nanny, Orphan-Maker

Infectia was introduced last issue, and now she gets a three-issue arc.  She still really covets the X-Factor’s new, sentient spaceship, which they took from Apocalypse, and decides Iceman is the weak link.  Her intent is to seduce him.

It doesn’t prove difficult.

Of course, in retrospect we know Bobby Drake is a homosexual, but he wasn’t back then.  Plus she has mutant pheromones that also transform the victims of her seduction into slave monsters, so any inconsistency with his future character is wholly explainable.

Anyway, she tries and fails to take the ship.  That’s about all you need to know about that.  It’s a fairly self-contained adventure.

Meanwhile, Jean Grey has agreed to help Cyclops search for his son and for some reason they think Freedom Force, the government group of anti-mutant mutants, is behind the kidnapping.  I don’t really understand this—I was pretty sure they knew during Fall of the Mutants that the Marauders had attacked the hospital where Madelyne and baby Summers were staying?

Also, I don’t remember Blob being a giant. Weird art perspective.

After the battle (they fight first, talk second), Scott and Jean accept that Freedom Force don’t have little Nathaniel, but Destiny offers some foreshadowing for Inferno, which will start soon and cross over all the X-books.

Also: Sports!

 And…The first appearance of The Nanny, who appears in the background.

She is a mutant fugitive stuck in an egg-body who will try to save mutant children from Mister Sinister.

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