Amazing Spider-Man #220 (1981): Moon Knight!

I’m not sure why this is not an issue of Marvel Team-Up.  It’s silly enough to be one.  It’s got a cool cover, though.

Moon Knight goes undercover as a bad guy to infiltrate a multi-state organized crime consortium. 

Only he’s not undercover: He shows up with his white cape and cowl and just says, “Guys!  I’m a criminal now!  Deal me in!” 

But to give himself cred, he commits a robbery. At first, he seems like he is stopping the crime…

…But then he steals the gold for himself…

That’s why Spidey doesn’t trust him.

But of course after they fight they figure out that they should be pals.

Spider-Man helps him, but Moon Knight does most of the heavy lifting.

As a character, MK is still very much evolving–and whenever anyone other than Doug Moench writes him, he’s not that good.

Note that the art is by Bob McLeod, who is known for very crisp lines. He also does the lettering. McLeod is a cleaner artist than Bill Sienkiewiecz. Mike Fleisher is also a cleaner writer. In fact, he’s kind of an “over-writer.” I mean, look at this:

“Shimmering shaft of silver light”…”Luxurious sunken bath”….It’s a bit much.

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