Silver Surfer #37 (1990)


Jim Starlin really leans hard on the humor in this run—and it’s great. 

Last issue, Surfer got advice from The Avengers and Impossible Man about how to kill Thanos.  In this issue, he talks to Mentor, Thanos’ dad, his brother Starfox, and Drax (who just keeps punching people).

It seems Drax’s returning from the dead left him mentally impaired.

To solve the problem of Drax being overly aggressive, Surfer takes him to Earth to watch TV in the Baxter Building.

Like I said, very funny.  Loving these issues. But Starlin also knows how to throw in the ominous and foreboding…

…Mentor tells a story of how Thanos committed matricide at the age of 10.

This is part of the return to Thanos story that is one of the top 10 Jim Starlin stories of all time and is also one of the best Thanos comics.

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