Marvel Comics Presents #140-141 (1993): Iron Fist

Iron Fist has been a regular featured character in this comic, usually for multi-issue stories, but in issues #140 and 141, John Figueroa writes short stories for him.  First, Iron Fist helps protect a mob boss who is under witness protection. Putting to one side that the government can’t contract for these types of services without specific statutory authority, this is fine.  Ron Wilson does the art.  Next, Robert Davis draws a story has him kind of working with DEA to investigate a new street drug.

Again, the government doesn’t work this way.  But whatever.  It also never really goes anywhere.  It might have been a cool idea for Fist to become a “hero for hire for the government,” but I don’t think this ever gets picked up on again.

Famed letterhack Rob Marchese gets his hackdom recognized on the letter page.

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