Imagine that it’s 1989 and you read this: Sabretooth and Mystique slept together and Graydon Creed, who is running for President on the “mutant hate” ticket, is their kid. Also, they’re both in X-Factor.

You’d shit if you read that in 1989, wouldn’t you?

Also, what if you read that Mystique can turn into animals now?


In this mini, the two characters fake their own deaths so the government won’t interfere as they compete A.I.M. in an effort to capture some stuff from an old Hydra mission they both went on in their younger days. There’s a lot of flashbacks to that mission, which nobody cares about. Nobody. Seriously. Don’t try to tell me you read this and dug it because you’re lying.

In the end, the two save the world from Hydra and AIM and then voluntarily return to captivity with X-Factor. Even though I enjoyed the story (somewhat), this cop-out ending basically makes it irrelevant.

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