Deadpool #45 (2000): Priest’s run ends

We learn that Deadpool’s roommate and Constrictor’s (kinda) girlfriend is actually Deadpool’s ex-GF, Copycat. The issue starts with the pair still trapped in tubes at Avengers Mansion, arguing about how to say Magneto’s name.

I always thought saying the word “Magnet” with an “oh” after it was the right way. But everyone says “Mag-neat-O” ever since he became a movie star.

Anyway, Taskmaster and Wizard hired Copycat to revenge on Deadpool for the various ways he f-ed with them over the last 20 issues or so.

Taskmaster threatens that Wade is a “dead man” and Deadpool corrects him, “That’s Deadpool…”

I really love Priest’s writing.

The bad news is, this is Christopher Priest’s last issue.

The good news is, Gail Simone’s run will start soon.

deadpool thom cruise

In the grand tradition of leaving characters unchanged at the end of your run, Priest makes Deadpool ugly again on the last page.

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