Amazing Spider-Man #19 (2000)

Guess who’s back? Back again? Venom’s back. And he wants his life back.

Eddie tries to get back together with his wife.

Spider-Man is back in his black costume, which reminds her of the symbiote.

So Eddie decides to kill Spider-Man.

That’s very silly. What’s even sillier is that Eddie’s wife runs away during the fight, and Eddie blames Spider-Man for it.

And yet they talk it out in the end. Until Eddie’s wife leaves.

And the art is lazy. Many of the panels look the same.

Or just look awful.

Cletus Kasaday is crazy. We’ve not seen Eddie that way. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be becoming a hero. What’s going on here?

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  1. Yeah these are some half assed comics. Things are gonna get better when Jenkins takes over the other title and Mackie/JRjr start turning in some odd but somewhat better stories. The upcoming Green Goblin story is something to look forward to.


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