DRACULA LIVES! #1 -13 (1974-1975): 1st Marie Laveau, Cagliostro

I’m blocking all these together because they’re really unimportant and, to me, fairly uninteresting.

The success of Tomb of Dracula spawned a slew of Marvel horror(ish) comics and magazines, nearly all of which paled in terms of quality to Tomb.  The magazine had a lot of “fanzine” type stuff about Hammer films and a serialized adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel, but also included standalone Marvel Dracula stories where a variety of creators could offer their take on the character, like Boris Vallejo, Mike Ploog, Steve Gerber, John Buscema, Frank Robbins, Doug Moench, etc.  Sometimes it crossed over with Tomb, but was never essential reading.

A few relatively important/standout moments are listed below.

Issue #2 introduced two new Marvel Universe characters:

Marie Laveau is introduced in #2 as a voodoo, ageless woman.  She’ll return for about a half-dozen more appearances in various Marvel titles.  I’m not going to tag all the dozens of vampires and spooks who appeared in this magazine–just ones that became a big part of the Marvel Dracula story, or who appeared in non-vampire books.

In the same issue, Marvel gives us a panel with Simon Garth the Zombie, whose own comic is launched next month.

Issue #6 introduces Cagliostro, a sorcerer who foiled Dracula in France during the 18th century.

That’s really about it.

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