UNCANNY X-MEN #408-409 (2002): Casey and Phillips’ run ends

This is interesting: One of the newest members of the team is Stacy X, who was formerly a mutant prostitute. In this issue, she seems to want to return to that life–as a form of identity–and Wolverine shows a remarkable level of understanding.

We later learn, though, that the client Stacy X wanted to see was a mutant whose own powers were killing him–and so she uses her own pheremone/pleasure-producing ability to alleviate his suffering.

Alongside this character-driven story, Vanisher is selling drugs to kids–and the drugs are killing them–so the X-Men shut him down. But instead of doing so through combat, Warren Worthington simply buys Vanisher’s company out from under him while he is in a two-week stupor as a result of Stacy X’s powers.

Joe Casey and Sean Phillips offered a very different, very interesting run on X-Men. Perhaps made even more interesting by the fact that it runs alongside Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men, which was also a radical departure from the stories that came before but not at all similar to Casey’s.

I’m sad this run is over.

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