Story #1 is a cool idea: The sidekick of an old (think 1950s) hero/sidekick duo becomes a voodoo practitioner so he can resurrect his old partner as a zombie and weaponize him to kill some bad conspirators who framed said sidekick for murder. It’s almost a shame that Ghost Rider and Morbius appear–because this is actually a really interesting concept.

When they do appear, the zombie is able to wrest Ghost Rider’s chain from him.

Pretty easily, in fact.

Then, in a much less interesting story, Blade fights a psychic zombie.

And finally, when a soda company projects advertisements on the moon it makes Jack Russell go crazy in his werewolf form. Again–neat idea. Except when at the end they make it all a dream.

For this series, this is a great issue. For most 1994 comics, it’s very good. Overall, it’s a few good ideas but the execution isn’t as good as it should have been.

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